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started using hype machine in 2012 and it's been my favorite music app ever since. I've discovered countless new bands and recently, my favorite one to date- Cigarettes after sex. The first time I heard Affection on hmachine I was blown away. If it wasn't for this amazing app, I wouldn't know all my favorite bands.

bulgaria99 bulgaria99

Found you way back in college around a decade ago and since then there's no telling how many artists you've turned me onto. Without exaggeration, this site has single handedly shaped my entire musical library over the years

trevor12134 trevor12134

Hype Machine shaped my twenties. It is hands down the one digital product that consistently brings me joy, gets the party started, and makes me break out in song and dance. So many knee slapping good tunes!

mstollen mstollen

My first love on Hype Machine was The Naked and Famous, and they’re still my favourite band. It’s hard to believe I would have discovered them without HM and that’s what keeps me here every day. My friends think I have some sixth sense for new music, but it’s all thanks to you guys.

gphorce gphorce

Without Hype Machine I would be barely able to make it through the week until new music releases on Friday. I've been a loyal listener since 2009. I wouldn't have found London Grammar or my favorite ever mashup ever by Carlos Serrano between Sam Smith and Kanye West- "Tell Me I'm the Only One". It's the first place I heard Skott, Cloves, Oh Wonder, or any new Chance the Rapper release.

emilymias emilymias

Not sure when I first came across hypemachine, but I do know that some of the most influential discoveries I have made in music have happened because of hypemachine. It's a platform like nothing else that explores some of the new and upcoming artists that the radio and Spotify just don't quite pick up on.

ED117 ed117

I've lost count of the number of times I found a great artist or song here, only to hear them being played on the radio a year or two later, and sometimes even longer. Hype Machine is truly a music connoisseur's gold mine.

lamden lamden

I discovered hype machine by way of the now-deceased This Is My Jam site. I was hoping to list a couple of standout tracks but honestly, I think I 'curated' my favourites list pretty well so I love everything on it!

salomenilsson salomenilsson

I have been perusing for music on your site (as a member) since 2010. I can't even describe all that you have done for me, and what you've opened my mind to. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of my very heart.

bizaaro bizaaro

Although I subscribe to various music blogs and artists on Hype Machine, I've had some excellent finds just by searching for one word/name and checking out all the tangents it's resulted in. It's always broadening my horizons.

supernowoczesna supernowoczesna

I joined Hype Machine in early 2008 when I was living in San Francisco and remember that I thought it was such a cool way to discover new music and understand the context around why other people appreciated it. The first song I ever favorited is Seventeen Years by Ratatat and the best artist I ever discovered is Jens Lekman. Long live Hype Machine!

Wesmax27 wesmax27

I have found countless favorite songs/artists thanks to you. I'm eternally grateful for you guys! Music is such an important part of my life, and the fact that you've provided me a means to discover artists that put their heart and soul into their music is enough for me to support!

foxey_coxey foxey_coxey

I was introduced to Hype Machine by a friend back in 2007, my design school days. Hype Machine got me through many a long night at school. The first song I heard on Hype Machine was Street Justice by MSTRKRFT and I was hooked!

TheKPT thekpt

Music, more than many other things, helps me mark time and experiences. When I hear a song from nearly a 8 year old hypem playlist, I can immediately associate it with a time, place, and feeling. I hope the site continues to be able to offer listeners this ability and to discover new talent.

tharari tharari

I work from home and hypem is the only thing that delivers sweet tunes consistently (using global spy) for 12+ hour IT remote sessions. Its the first thing that goes on the new phones i get and the music engine I recommend to all my friends/clients (and i've been in technology professionally since 1995)

hushnow hushnow

My older brother introduced me to hype machine when i was an impressionable 15 year old back in 2011, and I'm so glad he did :) my first likes were Humans - Avec Mes Mecs and Tourist - Placid Acid. Dope songs.

kris10cabrera kris10cabrera

I am a huge huge music lover. Problem is with traditional music libraries, your stuck to listening to one genre or playlist at a time. The music becomes predictable... and that's exactly what I don't want. I absolutely Love how Hype machine crosses genres with others and fuses them into poppy, catchy and deep electronic mixes. This makes my listening experience a continuous surprise and always stays fresh.

synthpro synthpro

Easily one of my most used services on any given day. I listen to you guys at work on the desktop or on the app while driving or working out. It's probably the most reliable way for me to find new music, and has given me the reputation of "where on earth did you find this song" guy with all of my friends.

kbaum1 kbaum1

I had some friends visit me from Nashville and every song they played during their stay was banger after banger and I had to ask, "where are you finding this music?". They were quick to grab my phone and download the Hypem app, and my life has never been the same since.

Shaboom_Shaboom shaboom_shaboom

It's funny to look back at my favorites. You can see a progression from indie/indie rap through edm and dubstep when Skrillex first came out back to more indie, slower stuff. It is a great time capsule to see how my tastes have changed over the years and it would be a huge disappointment to see that go.

sherbear sherbear

ve been using this service since 2009, and I cannot remember how many times I've heard a "new hit" at a nightclub or on the radio, or at a friend's house, and realized "uh wow I heard this a year ago on hype machine". What I love about hypem is that is a honest service, you can see where music comes from, and read about it if you're interested on a track.

dantaex dantaex

I think the first track I ever hearted was “The Thing U Do (Miguel x Shlohmo x RL Grime)” — Hood Internet. Set the precedent for me to use HypeMachine to find music EASILY that I couldn’t find elsewhere without spending hours piecing together this and that blog or retweet and especially remixes.

seventhirtyfour seventhirtyfour

I remember very well the day I discovered Hype. I was through the artist Russ Chimes in 2009, he mentioned on his website that we could find his music and follow him through Hype Machine. Since then it has been my primary method of discovering music and making others discover music as I am an amateur DJ that primarily creates mixtape for family and friends, many await my annual releases (haha) in order to discover new artists.

mat2t mat2t

Hype Manchine got me through college. First introduced to the website as a green-eared freshman in 2009, HypeM has been irreplaceable in the way it introduced me to bands, DJs, and more.

RobParty robparty

Once you have a few kids you have a tendency to drop out of the cultural zeitgeist and you have substantially less time for things like searching for new music. Hype Machine has been, by far and away, my primary method of discovering new music and I'd still be stuck in 2013 without it!

shonucic shonucic

In high school I joined a community college radio station and was inaugurated by holding down a 2-6AM slot on Sunday nights during my summer vacation. This was the summer of '07. It was around then that I discovered hype machine through a fellow DJ who played D.A.N.C.E. by Justice. I think the track leaked in the UK and it wasn't even out yet in the US. He showed me how to navigate Hype Machine, dig into the music blogs, and find the exclusive track. For the next several years, Hype Machine was my go-to for music discovery.
This was like the early days of web 2.0 and hype machine was such an amazing website, unlike anything else out there. I loved how it intersected personal music curation and promotion with the internet communities. It wasn't robotic like Pandora. You could read about the songs that you loved from other music nerds like you.

chrisssyp chrisssyp

I'm a busy person. I don't have time to discover new music. I don't even have time to figure out how to download Spotify on my phone. However, I always find the time to open up my Stack email and click play. It's a wonderful service and you curate it well.

rudirosenthal rudirosenthal

I have been an avid listener of hypem since 2010. This website is the only one I use for music and I use it everyday…every freaking day for the past seven years!! It’s the only way I find new music. You have a customer for life. I would name my first born child Hypem if that wouldn’t be weird. That’s how much I love this site. It has literally changed my life.

espritlife79 espritlife79

I have been in love with music all of my life, I have always been searching , considering myself a “music hunter” When I stumbled across hypem it solved all of my music searching roadblocks. It was always like a needle in a haystack, combing through all of the shit music before I would find a good song… until I found hypem.

paulashworth paulashworth

So I started listening to Hype Machine back in college...geeze, 9 years ago now. I don't know many things I've kept around for that long. The fact that Hype Machine is one of them says a lot. There aren't many internet services worth maintaining subscriptions to, in my opinion, but Hypem is definitely one of them. The number of hours spent at work listening to my playlists or the most popular song for a given week (it's in the thousands, I have no doubt), the number of songs I've discovered and shared with friends, the AWESOME FREE MOBILE APPLICATION...simply put, you guys done it right.

zachcaz zachcaz

It was the summer of '11, Grenoble, specifically, when a blessed soul turned me on to Hype Machine. Since then, hypem has unfailingly provided the track list to my life: each song a place, each place a memory, each memory a feeling. Someone in Mozambique, specifically, once asked what my favourite souvenir was from my travels... I replied through glassy eyes that music is all I'll ever need to remember.

aaronisonfire aaronisonfire

The songs that I found on hypemachine helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. I continue to look towards the site to find solace in beautiful music that I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else.

sammygfresh sammygfresh

I received an invite randomly, maybe?, out of nowhere, to subscribe to Hype Machine's Stack, I think—but I can say with absolute certainty that I'm tremendously glad I did. I will tell you that I trust the music recommendations of people I know personally, and almost no one else. "Almost" because Hype Machine is one of the exceptions. Through your guidance I've discovered several epic, all-time tunes, the ones that go in my playlist titled "Epic All-Time Tunes"

blancoyo99 blancoyo99

I've been a member since 2007, and Hype Machine has been a constant source of musical joy. It's filled the six different homes I've lived in during that time, and it accompanies me on my walk to work. It's what I pull up at a houseparty when I need to ad-hoc DJ, and many of my closest friends are on hypem as well.

mdort mdort

I came across Hype Machine almost 8 years ago while still in university. Hype Machine has introduced me and allowed me to discover artists and music genres that I otherwise would not have come across on my own. As a classically trained musician myself, Hype Machine has revived my passion for music.

hkm91450 hkm91450

I was introduced by a coworker at a really boring office job I had in Chicago in 2007. It saved me then and continues to be the one place I can consistently find awesome new music all the time.

egulik egulik

My family was very conservative and by age of 15 about 50% of all the songs I knew were hymns. Many people in my generation (born in '92) went through the 90's music, knew the 80's rock from their parents, the 70's, etc,... It all passed by me. I clearly remember finding hype machine and the plethora of 'fresh dub' that put be ahead of all my other friends in a listening sense for the first time in my life. I was suddenly a hub of cool knowledge with a music base where I previously was more akin to a 70 year old.

faja92 faja92

I first started using Hype Machine in 2012, when my friend referred me to it as his favourite place to find new music. I remember I had an intense year at a newly started Computer Science degree at uni, working 10-12 hours a day to keep up with deadlines. I still remember sitting at my desk programming away until 2am, listening to Alex Winston - Sister Wife (Moonlight Matters Remix) and Flight Facilities - Claire De Lune on repeat. I still listen to Hype Machine about 5 days a week - thanks for an awesome product!

Seb89 seb89

Thanks to the late Nigel Prust I’d never have discovered my secret weapon to staying cool and current with music and new genres. It’s also nice to nod my friend each time I log in or hear a song that blows my mind. Cheers Nigel, you are missed.

Hotbasura hotbasura

I've been using Hype Machine since the 2013/14 ski season, when my fellow ski bum boyfriend INSISTED that I download the app JUST to add to his follower count. I didn't keep the boyfriend long, and he didn't keep me as a follower, but I still love HM and am happy to contribute!

Sphinxlia sphinxlia

One of my high school best friends turned me on to Hype Machine in 2008, right before we started college. It has been a reliable source of new music I wouldn't otherwise go out of my way to listen to or find. Recently, I fell in love with Girl Ultra thanks to Stacks. I deeply appreciate the variety and earnest selection of new music; it expands how I perceive sound and art.

sheelal sheelal

My favourite thing about hype machine is that is connected me to new artists. Without it would never have found Imagine Dragons - "All Eyes". This was the beginning of an abstract journey of music, concerts and meeting the band.

JustKarl justkarl

It must have been back in 2009 when my best friend showed me the site and ever since then it’s been my go to site for discovering music. I have vivd memories of me in my basement just scrolling and scrolling, finding new music for myself and my friends, and showing them the site too. It got to the point where for our friend group basically used each others favourites as our de facto party playlists and we’d go through liking all of each others music gaining a collective, community sourced pool of music.

blakezed blakezed

My cousin picked me up from my g mas house and took me to lunch, during the car ride she played THE MOST AMAZING CD I HAVE EVER HEARD all the songs were to amazing, every single one... I asked her where the music came from and that's the first time I ever heard about the best music website I know of. She told me about hypem duh.. :D

ppatches24 ppatches24

The impact Hypem has made on my life is immeasurable. The vast repository of incredible, thoughtful, independent music that the platform has to offer is second to none. I’ve made so many memories over tracks found on here, that it’s difficult to imagine my life without it.

leen3 leen3

Now that I think about it, when I was on my first date with my boyfriend of two years, the first thing we bonded on was Hype Machine! One of us mentioned it, and we couldn't believe we both knew. Been together ever since...its definitely a certain clan that knows about HM and when you meet one, you know they're good people.

littlemissE littlemisse

Absolutely love the hype machine. I have always claimed that buying the iPhone app was the best $4 I had ever spent in my life. Countless memories bumping tunes in my car with friends or by myself just trying to find a little serenity in such a hectic world. This music streaming service has added a great deal of value to my life and my friends lives as well!

willybru willybru

I read about Hype Machine nearly ten years ago, after reluctantly creating a blog. I didn't have the slightest clue how to promote my blog outside of my personal circle, and since signing up, Hype Machine has been the biggest source of traffic for Choir Croak Out Them Goodies. I'm grateful to be able to share music and promote bands that don't pop up in too many places.

MeatisMeaty MeatisMeaty

I started using hype machine when I lived Brooklyn back in 2012 or so. I remember running into someone at a party and we got to talking about music. When I mentioned Hype Machine they were like "oh yeah I know the people who started that, they live right here in Brooklyn". That's one of the reasons I've always loved your site; there's nothing corporate about it, just 3 people doing what they love.

dbdoubleu dbdoubleu

My workouts would not work out without you. My happy time would become not-as-happy time. I would not be able to be more trendy than my friends without you. I have DJ'd countless parties by simply pressing play on my Hype Machine favorites list.

dogsnotsmart dogsnotsmart

My brother introduced me to the Hype Machine more than seven years ago, and since then it's been my source of inspiration and comfort every day. Listening to all kinds of music and artists during runs, through bad breakups, and while travelling across the country for work.

huarngpa huarngpa

As a yoga teacher and music enthusiast, tracks I discover and love on Hype Machine make it to my yoga playlists, spreading the love and good karma. I've been using Hype Machine since 2009 as a source of music inspiration and discovery.

sklim sklim

LOVE HYPE MACHINE. Honestly, it has provided me with the MOST amazing music—and it consistently helps me discover new music ahead of so many others. Additionally, I find little hidden gems and remixes that I have saved forever. Music makes me happy, and hype machine makes finding good music so much easier -- so therefore hype machine makes me happy :)

anujlal1 anujlal1

A few years ago, I had a desk job where I could listen to music on my computer while working. When I got a new job that involved more driving and running around, I was suddenly left without that luxury, but HypeM stepped in to save the day. Your site and mobile app made it possible for me to discover new music just as easily as before, and I'm very grateful for that. As my list of favorites keeps growing, so does my love for HypeM!

CharlieLovesMe charlielovesme

Since 2008, you've stuck around. Longer than girlfriends, niche interests, favorite jeans (insert whatever else _here_) Without you wizardly three, I never would have found my way to Lianne La Havas, To Mutemath, to Gypsy Cat's Jona Vark, UP/DOWN remix from STWO (BTW how do you pronounce Stwo? #still#wondering.) You were the original internet breakers. Thank you and STAY HYPE.

TerryBleeBoering terrybleeboering

I’ve been using your site for over 6 years at this point, and it’s my heart and soul. Listening to new music is the thing that I can always go back to, to make me happy, and HYPEM is the place where that happens. What an amazing interface, idea, and execution.

hudbud hudbud

I found Hype Machine back in 2010 (!) and have been telling everyone I can about it ever since. Other music services are fine and good for listening to what I already know that I like, but Hype Machine has always been my One True Source for NEW music that I get hooked on and listen to over and over. It's always a couple months ahead of the mainstream as well. I remember hearing Lorde on Hype Machine well before it was on the radio. Same with The 1975 and Birdy's cover of Skinny Love. It's the best! Can't live without it.

aczonaczoff aczonaczoff

For the past three years I've listened to your stacks just about every week, almost always hearing something memorable that I might never have heard otherwise. Thanks to you guys for bringing sweet sweet music into my life, and now for giving me an easy way to help you keep doing just that.

ag303 ag303

I was introduced to Hype Machine from a roommate and my life has been changed for the good since 2010. As a degreed Music Therapist, I know first-hand the symbiotic relationship music has with one’s health. Discovering new aural delights is the main reason I return to the Hype over and over and over again!

Llamaboyblue Llamaboyblue

Hype Machine is the reason why most of my friends think I have great taste in music. I discovered countless amazing indie artists because of your awesome platform, and many of these artists unsurprisingly blow up a few months/years later. Glad to say I get to see their shows when they're smaller and more intimate, and be one of their first fans.

gracearace gracearace

I've been listening on Hype Machine for about 5 years now, and have found some fantastic music--too much to list here! My first favorite was Sprawl II (Soulwax Remix) by Arcade Fire. Keep up the great work!

vossavant vossavant

It was first introduced to me while we were looking out of our windows lying in bed somewhere around 4am in a bohemian side (legazpi) of Madrid by this girl from Tennessee. In 2011. Ever since its been a part of my life.

LSD25 lsd25

Best source for new music, ever! 🙌❤️

wiedemann wiedemann

My story about Hype Machine starts in Vancouver, BC, Canada I think. I was there for a year studying and a guy I met there introduced me and I used it daily. When I got back to Sweden I forgot it for a while, listened to it for a while, and then forgot it again. It's been like that ever since and I kinda love it. Every time I get back to Hype Machine I'm never disappointed and I always find a new artist, or a song, or a remix I love.

jwanglof jwanglof

I fell in love with the user interface and at how different the interaction was compared to the one streaming service that was killing it back in the day. First favorited track was from cat call - satellites, I still listen to it even now. I couldn't have been more greatful for the discovery of your services.. (I'm tearing up just thinking about how sad my life would have been without it).

SUPA757 supa757

I love how Hype Machine shows my style of music over the years and how it's changed. I have so much great music that just doesn't make it into other premium services. Love the variety and community within Hype Machine.

brandonshale brandonshale

I first heard Skizzy Mars' Sweetest hangover through Hype Machine. I'm too nervous to go to concerts, but as I listened to more and more of his songs while Hype Machine so gloriously made them freely available to stream, I bought a ticket for his concert in Boston. I have never had so much fun in my life.

shiftylock shiftylock

I've been using Hype Machine for nearly 8 years without even realizing how long it had been, or wondering who was behind it. I listen to my feed at work, add to my favourites, and then hit shuffle whenever I have more than a handful of people over at my house. Thanks for making me much cooler than I otherwise would be.

thirty31one thirty31one

I went to a party with a few of the equestrian students and while I was expecting mainstream country music and maybe some blue grass, when I walked in I found myself in a beautiful blend of EDM, hip hop and chillwave. I staggered around trying to find who was in control of the music and this guy with a black beard and furry eyebrows pops up and his eyes grow really wide. “Dude, this is Hypemachine’s best of 2007 playlist. They can hook you up with music blogs from all around the world.” I haven’t looked back since.

Darktower19 darktower19

I was first shown the hype machine by a DJ friend of mine almost a decade ago and I am eternally grateful for the best music discovery website ever! Thanks for introducing me to the latest and freshest music out there.

ava_rose ava_rose

Where would I be without Hype Machine? Okay, a bit dramatic, but your site has helped me discover music without all the fuzziness of algorithms and down-your-throat radio playlists. I play my favorites list at parties, and I always get complimented on the uniqueness of the music. Because it is unique and a happy place of undiscovered groups, singers and music-mixers.

KG48 kg48

From finding obscure bangers to DJ at clubs through to captivating tracks that are fit for our catwalk shows. I’ve found all the truly memorable tracks through Hype Machine.It scares me to think how many artists i would never have discovered without Hype Machine.

peopleofparis peopleofparis

Just signed up for a wee bit o' monthly. Discovering Sam Herring with BADBADNOTGOOD doing Times Moves Slow in one go pretty much changed my life :)

thekenshow thekenshow

The first song I ever favorited was Sub Focus - Tidal Wave. I cannot tell you how many times I played this song when I was working on my startup - to celebrate the good and pull me out of the bad. Will never forget it. Thanks, team.

iggyigner iggyigner

I have been listening and sharing music from your site since freshman year in high school (girls loved it when I'd send them good music 😉). Your eclectic aggregation of genres and sounds shaped my world view on what music is and what it could be, so thank you for that!

therise therise

Hypem has been the number 1 source for me to find new music I love. I can always count on Hypem's top favorite feature to Actually show me the best songs by artists. I am still connected to friends who live miles away because of the feed and friends feature.

JoeSo joeso

Today I made the decision to put my money where my ears are. I listen to Hype Machine's offerings pretty much on the daily during the work week. I have been introduced to so much new music that I don't even know where to begin. Hype Machine keeps me musically relevant and points me to new blogs all the time so that I can continue to expand my music mining efforts throughout the web.

ricemg ricemg

Wow, I can't believe I've been listening to Hype Machine for almost 7 years. This website has been an integral part of my musical adventure (and my personal soundtrack) for so many years!

yacoutamia yacoutamia

His name was Doug. He introduced me to Hype Machine on a first date. He showed me the app in a dive bar when I was trying to decide what to play on the jukebox. (Pre-touch tunes.) I've been hooked ever since. I can lose hours scrolling thru my feed searching for the next new track to add to my favorites.

shycu shycu

I just can't remember how I found Hype Machine. I would not even be able to name a track or an artist. Too much of them deserve it. But I'll never forget how I had so much pleasure and pride sharing Hype Machine with my friends in France. Discussing on what was the hottest genre to dig on HM was so much fun!

cyrilou242 cyrilou242

From the moment I found Hype-Machine I fell in LOVE. I was able to find music that nobody had ever heard yet. I was discovering artists that I never knew existed and soon became my favorites. So many remixes. You have expanded my music horizons. I have been a very strong advocate for HypeMachine since the beginning. Not only did I find new music on HypeMachine, but I discovered so many rad music blogs. I loved hearing a song and then being able to read about the artist.

caseybills caseybills

It's crazy that 7 years my roommate in college recommended I check out this "Hype Machine" site, and that move single-handedly changed the way I discovered music. Even my most memorable moments at SXSW were crafted by the Hype Machine team at the Hype Hotel, supporting your site was the least I could do with all the musical value you've brought to my life :)

Milllz milllz

I can’t remember who told me about your site in the first instance but since then i’ve used it to create playlists for shops i’ve worked in, to woo lovely ladies, to send to friends and to find music because i can never remember names of bands or have the time to search specific genres etc. It’s been a constant over the last 5 + years of living in canada france the Uk and France so thanks, it’s been the soundtrack to my life for a long time and long may it continue.

katmandulife katmandulife

Since I joined in 2012, Hype Machine has been integral to my music listening experience. I started to search and decide on my own which tracks I loved, and created my own Favorites list accordingly. Some of my favorites made their way to his songs on the radio months later, but discovering new bands and artists on my own had never been accessible to me in the past.

sabazel sabazel

I always call it "la macchina dell'hype" in italian when I talk about it. I imagine it like a big sci-fi machine that reads minds all over the universe and create wonderful sounds that humans don't know yet.
It changed my way to discover new music when I was starting to think it was impossible. I feel like I'm in the 90s again and it's a nice and warm feeling.

nallyna nallyna

As a long time EDM and Rock musician, publisher, and music blog and rag writer I've been jaded in keeping music fresh and new. Over my career people always ask me what my favorite music is and I've replied "the music I haven't heard yet." Up until I discovered Hype Machine almost a decade ago sourcing new music was always a constant effort of manually having to look for it, which I still do. But the Hype Machine has provided me with instant gratification of awesome music sourced from all over and I have come back over and over again. Can't tell you how many people have asked me where I got my mix and I just tell them, :)

c_leb c_leb

I started using HM in 2011 and have never found another tool that surprises and delights me with music that I would not find on my own. HM is truly a gift to the world and my wife (who was reluctant at first, but now a believer) are HM lifers!

betabay betabay

I remember the moment I found I was in my very first design class and this really cool upperclassman walked up and asked if I'd heard of this band called Zeigeist. I said no, and he then pulls up Hypem and puts on this really funky sounding remix that at the time BLEW MY MIND. What blew my mind more was this little website he brought it up on, I asked him about it and he described it to me as "the only place on the internet where the music isn't shit anymore".

jreaming jreaming

After first joining Hype Machine seven or eight years ago the thought occurred to me, "why don't I write about music too?" Fast foward a few years and I found myself joining the team of one of your blogs, which took me on press assignments to SXSW, Sasquatch, and over 14 festivals to date. I have met my heroes. I have shared music with hundreds of thousands of people. And seven years later I'm still discovering new music, still writing about it, and still as awe-inspired by your work as the first day I found it.

Octagonecology octagonecology

The Hype Machine is the best thing that came out of one of my college relationships back in 2010. I love having a curated list of music that goes back that far and charts my feelings and where I was through that time. If I ever want to show off music, Hype Machine is the first place I go. Thanks for the platform!

Alfador alfador

i first found hype machine by accident in 2005, which helped me discover and listen to some of my favorite indie bands as an impressionable young teen fumbling around on the internet post-napster. i really credit you guys with forming my taste and obsession with music, which eventually led me to working for my university radio station in college and, now, to working in the music industry. thank you hype machine! i <3 u!

cazetaylor cazetaylor

Hypem has been such a blessing to my musical life. I’ve discovered so much and shared so much with others because of the site. The subscription is well worth the value I’ve received over the last 7 years. I sincerely hope it never ends.

adampriest adampriest

Like any relationship we started off rocky, almost ten years ago with "Katie Herzig - Sweeter Than This", although I kinda still like it. I then made it into and past Overwerk, and now, I'm comfortably floating on my Saint Motel cloud, love y'all, you're a bigger part of my life than I'm willing to admit.

drewmutt drewmutt

I found Hype Machine back in college (senior year!) and you are one of the few 'freelance' music sites to still exist! My first fav'd song was Kid CuDI - Day and Night (Chiddy Bang Remix)

jmattmke jmattmke

Hype Machine is THE way I discover new has been since 2007. Thank you for an amazing decade of music, opening my ears and mind to great tunes from all over the world, across all genres.

escargotsritwo escargotsritwo

Man I've been listening to the hype machine for over 5 years now. My most memorable song was You&Me by Disclosure (Flume Remix). I had never heard anything like it and it blew me away. Thanks for the music for chilling, working out, and everything between.

sacourtney07 sacourtney07

To say that Hype Machine has shaped my life for the better since '08 is not a dramatization. Hype Machine has been my #1 choice throughout all these years... no audio ads, driven by the love of music via passionate music bloggers (with great content themselves), and it's always exposing me to new music I would've never found otherwise on my own. Hype Machine has been for me through all of college, 5+ years of working, 5 relationships, and all the rest of my ups and the downs.

nachan nachan

I truly don't remember when I found out about your amazing website but I do clearly remember it helped me go through those awful months of looking for my first real job after university. And it gave me the extraodinary joy of discovering new artists and new tracks - real music. I remember when I was obsessed by The Drums, one month before everyone.

etrouill etrouill

I owe a LOT of my music library from 2008 until now to Hype Machine. Your site introduced me to too many new artists to count, whether it was eventual huge acts like Calvin Harris, Foster the People or Ellie Goulding, or lower scale artists that have gone on to become my very favorites.

AmpDesign ampdesign

I started using Hype Machine back in 2010, I used to walk by a coworker's desk and always hear a good beat. I asked how she found all these cool tracks, and simply said she didn’t. Her cool website did. I continue to DISCOVER music or old songs that become popular again; by simple pressing play on a short walk to work. I got to hear a dark dub remix of Daft Punk’s Lucky months before the single dropped. And about 3 months before it even hit the radios stations I was bobbing my head to Can't Feel My Face. That and many other examples where friends credit me with being the first in the group to listen to a song, is why I know you have a genius platform that truly moves with culture.

francomxo francomxo

Since 2008, Hype Machine has been one of my most trusted and ear-opening sources of music. Bringing together like-minded bloggers, writers and listeners to share some of the world's greatest new artists in this seamless way is a formula that deserves to remain intact for as long as the internet is still alive.

Seanf seanf

just think Hypem is the bees-knees. So much great content always keeping me in-the-know so I don't feel older than what I really am.. ha!! Your selections are a constant playlist for many of my days. I've used your killer platform for many years - and hopefully for years to come.

ajdubbz ajdubbz

It's hard to believe it's been 8 years since a tastemaker friend of mine introduced me to the jams that she was finding before everyone else on Hype Machine. I remember drooling over the various remixes of Dancehall Queen with her back then. Fast forward to 2017 and I still come back to Hype M a couple times a month to get my fill of the songs I can't find anywhere else. My HM favorites list is always on the speakers when I have dinner parties.

aminer aminer

With my 9th Hypem birthday coming up, I wanted to show my support and say Thank You! Thank You for making me discover amazing music outside of my comfort tastes, taking me through intense days, and giving me bragging rights for already knowing the "latest band" my friends "just discovered".

phikappa phikappa

Hypemachine has been my go-to streaming service since I first discovered it and my two sons always ask when a cool song is playing in the car "is this HypeMachine?". Amazing service to humanity and a lifeline that has kept my listening fresh through years of kids and jobs when I otherwise wouldn't have found the amazing stuff.

bashomosko bashomosko

Scrolling through my saved favourites and reaching some of my first ever 'loved' songs can literally make me feel like I've travelled back in time. There's something so powerful about music and the way it transcends space and time. I can almost smell / feel / taste where I was all those years ago. Helicopter by Deerhunter was one of my first loves. Recommended by a NZ friend who ran a blog called RoseQuartz.

hazeyhayes hazeyhayes

I'm with the machine since 2012, my first favorite was Laura Veirs' "Carol Kaye". I was already a fan of Veirs but after joining in on the hype machine I found lots of tracks and artists I had not heard of before. I still listen to my favorites "up", "down" and "shuffle". And I add new favorites every week. I support the hype machine because it seems very important nowadays not to let the big players take over "our" net.

emilruebe emilruebe

I was doing web development and my coworker starting listening to Kid Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness" on a what I thought then was a way too complicated web site for me. It wasn't until a few years later that I felt I could muster the technique and musical avorice to be worthy of the site. I thought the free iPhone app was a revelation. 4 years of free listening and 1000+ favorites later I get in my car and put my app on shuffle and I'm blessed by the music I have curated for myself over the past four years.

bee_flowers bee_flowers

I started using Hype Machine shortly after its launch and have always found it to be the best, unrestricted source of great music. 2 years ago I started producing and Hype Machine has helped me grow as an artist more than any other tool/platform out there. The people behind Hype Machine are the unsung heroes of the music industry - thank you for kickstarting my music career and continuing to be an incredible source for new music discovery.

Vandelux vandelux

I'm pretty sure I found you guys because of Stumbleupon and I'm glad I did. I felt like I found this treasure trove of weird and interesting music and I feel the same way to this day.

corey7 corey7
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