Kacey Johansing
The Hiding
Out June 2nd, 2017 Buy the Album

Singer-songwriter Kacey Johnasing recorded her third album with friends (members of Real Estate, Fruit Bats, Vetiver, and more) during a time of transition. She'd just left her former band Yesway, fell out of sync with a close collaborator, and relocated from a tightknit music community in the Bay Area to start fresh in Los Angeles. While inspired by heartbreak, The Hiding reflects Johansing's renewed spirit, the sunrise after the storm. Using pastel-hued synths and guitar, she crosses '70s soft rock and '80s pop with modern sensibilities—"like Christine McVie meets Lower Dens on the west coast," says Gorilla Vs. Bear. It's out on Night Bloom Records, a new label Johansing cofounded with artists Alex Bleeker and Jeff Manson.

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