Phantom Posse
Forever Underground
Out March 20th, 2020 Buy

Over the last decade, musician and biological data analyst Eric Littmann has shared dozens of releases under the monikers Steve Sobs and Phantom Power, and as the nucleus of New York collective Phantom Posse. Following the last collaborative album in 2016, and Littmann's various works as a producer, Phantom Posse returns with Forever Underground, a collection of hazy, nostalgic synth-pop songs shaped by the subways and bridges of NYC. Collaborators include Emily Yacina, Makonnen Sheran (ILOVEMAKONNEN), Laetitia Tamko (Vagabon), Gabrielle Herbst (GABI), Chris Masullo (Nicholas Nicholas), Johanne Swanson (Yohuna), Nadia Hulett (Nadine), Warren Hildebrand (Foxes in Fiction), Taryn Miller (Your Friend), Oliver Hill (Pavo Pavo / Dustrider), Cale Israel, and Tyler Andere. It sees release on Orchid Tapes.

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