Cadence Weapon
Cadence Weapon
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Polaris Prize-shortlisted rapper, journalist, and former poet laureate Roland "Rollie" Pemberton presents his first album in five years as Cadence Weapon. In his own words:

"I started out making music in Edmonton's experimental electronic and underground rap scenes. I feel like that's the intersection where I exist. I've always believed that rap music is the genre with the most potential for innovation because it has the ability to organically draw from all other genres. With this album, I wanted to make music that had echoes of trap, house, grime, techno and dancehall but was also firmly rooted in the world of rap. This album represents a new beginning for me and a reintroduction of sorts so I decided to make it self-titled. Musically, it represents the clearest distillation of my sound I've ever created. While my first three albums were primarily self-produced, Cadence Weapon features all outside production from KAYTRANADA, Jacques Greene, Blue Hawaii, Dubbel Dutch, Harrison, FrancisGotHeat and others. This allowed me to focus on the songwriting. I wanted to bring the depth and storytelling of '60s and '70s singer-songwriters like Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman to contemporary rap. On this album, I explore themes of race, technological distress, knowledge of self, dancefloor politics and existentialism. I think it has the spirit of golden age rap but it sounds like the future."

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