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Listen to the BBC Radio 6 Music/Hype Machine Half-Year Music Blog Zeitgeist – 20 most-blogged aritsts of 2013 so far

We're teaming up with BBC Radio 6 Music again to present a special half-year Music Blog Zeitgeist. But we also thought it'd be interesting to hear about artists not getting enough attention from the music blog massive. Here's what the bloggers recommended:


Taneli is a young Preston based producer making exciting and age-defying house tracks with an irresistible garage edge. — Cruel Rhythm

  • Taneli - You're The One

    Mom Tudie

    Really exciting talent, and only 17. Cool garage/soul vibe going on. — Music Broke My Bones

  • Mom Tudie - Otherside feat. Giorgia Lo

    Posted by 2 blogs • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyAmazon

    Fol Chen

    This is a group that gets off on experimenting with the rulebook, bending the boundaries and ending up with highly original music. — Bowlegs Music Review

  • Fol Chen - I.O.U

    Posted by 8 blogs • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon

    DJ Rashad

    Chicago footwork producer and Ad Hoc Man of the Year, DJ Rashad, represents the sound of “footwork going international”, spreading from the streets of Chicago outward to London and beyond. — AdHoc

  • DJ Rashad - Every Day Of My Life feat DJ Phil

    Copy Paste Soul

    Our most overlooked artist of the year thus far would be London-based Copy Paste Soul. He makes soul-quenching deep house music that is guaranteed to get your feet moving. His ‘Look At Me’ EP on Exploited Records perfectly shows how his fractured and left-field style can be totally infectious, we can’t wait to hear more of his music. — Human Drizzle

  • Copy Paste Soul - CTRL

    Posted by 1 blog • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon

    El. Train

    Brighton-based producer El. Train has been on a roll, he's released a free EP on the 25th of the month since December. He's consistently putting out solid dance tracks - but somehow his soundcloud plays still seem to be in the hundreds. Hopefully he won't stay under-blogged for long. — Dipped in Dollars

  • El. Train - wantyouback.

    I Am The Cosmos

    Their debut LP Monochrome is a moody Italo disco album inspired by the motorik electro synthesizer sound of '80s song ‘Shinzo No Tobira’ by Maria. The result is an analogue album evoking a "tears on the dancefloor" vibe. — nialler9

  • i am the cosmos - Letting It Go

    Posted by 6 blogs • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon

    To Kill A King

    To Kill A King have finally produced the record you always hoped that they would... it's excellent without there being much press about it. — The Blue Walrus


    Posted by 5 blogs • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon

    La Big Vic

    La Big Vic's follow-up album this year confirmed two things: the NYC trio make some of the most beautiful, forward-thinking pop music around. And they remain just a shade on the outside, under-hyped for sure. — Stadiums & Shrines

  • La Big Vic - All That Heaven Allows

    Posted by 3 blogs • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon

    Vaghe Stelle

    Turin native Daniele Mana (aka Vaghe Stelle) is one of the most accomplished and compelling instances of deranged dancefloor deviations that we've come across lately. — no fear of pop.

  • Vaghe Stelle - Unofficial Megastructures

    Posted by 2 blogs • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon


    Rhythmic tension, eerie sound design and a malevolent attitude are all hallmarks of a Vhvl track. — The 405

  • VHVL - 0008

    Posted by 2 blogs • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon

    Plastic Animals

    Plastic Animals call themselves ‘atmospheric punk sludge rock’ before admitting that they think that’s a terrible description, but the best they can do. It’s the best I can do too. — Song, by Toad

  • Plastic Animals - Ghosts

    Posted by 6 blogs • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon


    Aosoon stands for AlotOfSomethingOutOfNothing and is a new London duo that totally wow’d us with their outstanding debut single 'Skinny Strong'. — disco naïveté

  • AOSOON - Something

    Posted by 1 blog • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon


    Clipping. play a very loud and very brash sort of experimental hip-hop/noise. It understandably might be a bit much for some people, but for those willing to give it a fair shake I think they will find something really exciting and new about their approach. — Cactus-Mouth

  • clipping. - The Deep

    Posted by 1 blog • On Bandcamp • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon


    Bodywork are responsible for some of the headiest dance-punk I've heard since LCD Soundsystem self-immolated, and their debut LP (free available) is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of the year. — i guess i'm floating

  • BODYWORK - Tame


    She has an effortless knack for simple, beautifully crafted songwriting and a voice that is gently beguiling. — The Line Of Best Fit

  • Waxahatchee - Never Been Wrong

    Posted by 15 blogs • On Bandcamp • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon

    Junior Prom

    Junior Prom's infectious brand of electronic indie pop reminds us that it still can be fun to listen to music. Get outta here, introspection! (...If you read Knox Road you know we don't actually mean that.) — Knox Road

  • JUNIOR PROM - Young Stunners

    Posted by 1 blog • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon


    This collection of songs has shaken me to the core and restored my hopeful outlook toward discovering new music. — We Listen For You

  • YouYourself&i - HOROSCOPE GIFT


    She has had some high profile support slots (Jake Bugg) and radio play (Steve Lamacq)... but bloggers dont really seem to have picked up on her that much. — The VPME

  • Findlay - Wolfback Montmartre Remix +1 more

    Rokia Traoré

    Mali's Rokia Traoré made a record that's immediately arresting, beatiful and unvarnished. Free of world music's typical sheen, a fit for so many mixes - but it's not indie rock, or on a hip US label, so it'll forever be underblogged. — said the gramophone

  • Rokia Traore - Kounandi

    Posted by 1 blog • • Also on: SpotifyAmazon

    Majical Cloudz

    Devon Welsh's powerful vocals combine with raw and vulnerable lyrics and relatively simple production to create an album that makes me feel feelings unlike any album I can think of in recent history. — dailybeatz

  • Majical Cloudz - Downtown

    Posted by 9 blogs • • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon

    Twin Peaks

    No Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer, Black Lodge or Donna Hayward. No midnight trysts over the border at One Eyed Jacks. Instead, itinerant fuzzy rock & roll from a bunch of young Turks who call Chicago home. — An Aquarium Drunkard

  • Twin Peaks - Tossing Tears (Sweet '17 Singles Series)

    Witch Hunt

    I've chosen a band from Leeds. I always feel like bands from the north of the UK get overlooked--there is so much great stuff happening and Witch Hunt are one of the best. — Flying With Anna

  • Witch Hunt - Crawl

    Posted by 6 blogs • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon

    Thoughts On Air

    With tapes on many respectable imprints, like Hobo Cults, Tranquility Tapes, and Old Frontiers to name a few, Hamilton, Ontario project Thoughts on Air, aka Scott Johnson, may still only be familiar to regular fans of those labels. Still, his lo-fi and improvisations acquire enough depth to hold even casual interest, unexpectedly emerging from somewhere in the interplay of expanding and receding swells from his heavily distorted guitar, a range of vocals, and the occasional punctuation of sharper sounds. — Decoder Magazine

  • Thoughts On Air - Harness

    Blue Hawaii

    Montreal’s Blue Hawaii are as refreshing a blustery gulp of wily rejuvenation as a can of crested sea foam on once-military sands. — Dots & Dashes

  • Blue Hawaii - Versus Game

    Posted by 4 blogs • On Bandcamp • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon

    Laura St Jude

    A Scot's singer songwriter who creates sparse emotional torch songs that sound as if they've been conjured up from a gothic wild west. Like Nico and Lana Del Rey occupying one long eyelashed body. Amazing, haunting, sultry and beautiful. — Breaking More Waves

  • Laura St. Jude - Town

    Rose Windows

    I've become completely obsessed... They create great psych-pop with plenty of stellar hooks, loud wild guitar solos and soft/subtle tunes that make you feel something... usually good. A truly great summer album, but one that translates well year round. — FensePost

  • Rose Windows - Glory, Glory

    Posted by 2 blogs • On SoundCloud • Also on: SpotifyApple MusicAmazon

    Thin Hymns

    It's an organic and hypnotic nature that this Chicago-based bunch possess. They're like mythological sirens. — Head Underwater

  • THIN HYMNS - cast aside

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