Roland Tings
Each Moment A Diamond
Out March 10th, 2017 Buy the Album

Melbourne-based producer Roland Tings emerged in 2012 with a release on LA dance imprint 100% Silk, followed by an LP with Prins Thomas' disco house label Internasjonal. When approaching Each Moment A Diamond, Tings followed a disciplined routine, mindfully repeating the same daily motions right down to his meals. The method encouraged a certain maturity in the recording process, allowing him to self-edit with crystalline precision. That may be why this blissful and propulsive listen clocks in at 37 minutes—a solid 6-track EP, a hair short of an LP, right where it was meant to be. It's a great fit within the electronic pop universe of its North American label, Cascine, and alongside his current tourmates, Clark and Com Truise.

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