House of Feelings
Last Chance
Out August 11th, 2017 Buy the Album

New York City-based collective House of Feelings is a weekly radio show, dance party, and band led by Matty Fasano. Recorded with longtime creative partner Joe Fassler and a cast of collaborators in the apartment of YVETTE drummer Dale Eisinger (credited as producer), the group's debut EP "captures that unquantifiable feeling of just watching friends blowing off steam in a studio," says THUMP. Juxtaposing late night bliss with existential anxieties, they cover the spectrum of modern city life through cathartic disco-punk and house music. Guest vocalists include Meredith Graves, Shamir, GABI, and film critic Kristen Yoonsoo Kim. The record is out on Infinite Best (Mr. Twin Sister).

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